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2019 Las Ninas Fastpitch Fall Ball Team Registration

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About Us

Las Niñas is one of 6 independent leagues that joined together in 2004 to form Baja Girls Fast Pitch. Since 2004, Baja Girls Fast Pitch has been providing girls across the Tucson area with the opportunity to learn softball, teamwork, and create lifelong friendships.

With an "everybody plays" philosophy, the primary focus becomes less on winning games, and more on teaching the fundamentals of softball. Girls from ages 4 1/2 to 18 can enjoy the opportunity to play in both the spring and fall seasons.

Many of our girls go on to play on their junior high and high school teams, and some move on to the college level. Regardless of their skill level, each girl is treated fairly and given the same coaching as other girls on the team.

The Las Niñas Mission, as defined by its Baja affiliation, it provides a safe environment for girls to develop age appropriate skills and enjoy the game of fast pitch softball with spirit of sportsmanship and honor the game.


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